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You will enjoy a tremendous improvement in detail and midrange clarity, smoother, more extended highs and tighter, more natural bass. You will also gain a deeper, broader soundstage and better localization of instruments. Background hiss in the Moscode™ 150 and 300 is eliminated. A ten-fold improvement in sound quality can be yours with this modification. It's like getting a new amplifier for one-fourth the price!

Basic Upgrade

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Minuet & Minuet in A


   We are the only people who truly know this great audio gear inside and out. You won't get service like this anywhere else because no one has serviced and modified more NYAL products than we have. ALL WORK IS PERFORMED BY OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GEORGE KAYE, FORMER CHIEF ENGINEER FOR NEW YORK AUDIO LABS & MOSCODE DESIGNER.

 Power Amps

Minuet (in A)