Moscode Service


   Have your Moscode serviced by the Designer - George Kaye. We have many original parts in stock including tranformers, chassis, covers and faceplates. We can fix ANY Moscode and damn near anything else (as long as replacement parts can be found). As long as you're here take a look at our Moscode Upgrades for your amps.

Please feel free to call or Email me with any questions you have at or 802 257 5085 (cell) or leave a message at 646 498 3817 (Google voice which gets to me via Email, is more reliable).

Repair Rates


By check: Please make checks payable to George Kaye
Paypal: - add 3%
Direct deposit to your local branch of my bank if you have one. Info through Email.


Packing Hints and Directions

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ! ! ! Avoid using Styrofoam Packing Peanuts.

We hate packing peanuts! They get all over the shop and they DO NOT protect heavy equipment adequately. I'm thinking of adding a Peanut Surcharge for any item that comes packed in peanuts. When used to pack a heavy amplifier they do not keep the amplifier centered in the shipping carton. IT is MUCH BETTER to use "Bubble Wrap". There are 2 methods that work well.

Insure your equipment adequately. Insure for the replacement cost. When I return your item it is insured for the replacement cost plus the work I've done. Insurance is not a substitute for bad packaging and arguing with the carrier for damages is hard if the item is not adequately packed.

Email us to let us know it is on the way. Send us a note with the tracking # and the expected date/ time of arrival. We can then track it from here. Email at:


George Kaye

600 Federal St

Belchertown, MA 01007