We feel that the the most cost effective way to upgrade your system is to modify good quality existing equipment. Many of the existing designs have excellent quality base components-chassis, heat sinks, power transformers, output transistors, controls, switches etc. Most of these parts won't deteriorate with time and perform exactly as they did brand new, sometimes even better. The cost of these components is usually 75% of the production cost of and amplifer. So why pay for a complete new set of metalwork? By changing the basic driver circuit or the "heart " of the amplifier we can give the amplifier a totally new character free from the limitations of an out-dated design. We leave the body intact and perform a sort of "heart transplant".

When does this not make sense? If you are one of those individuals with money to burn or feel you just have to have a whole new wardrobe or you are undergoing a change of life and money is no object then go ahead-drop$5,000, $10,000 or more on a whole new system. You deserve it!


If you have a treasured peice that has served you well over the years and you feel it just needs some restoration or repair, then it is worthwhile to call us for a consultation to determine if it is better to fix, upgrade or sell. Our policy is to use the highest grade components where possible and maintain the highest standards of quality control. If you are dissatisfied with anyones "factory" service-call us. We service and modify tube equipment by Atmosphere, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, Counterpoint, McCintosh, Quicksilver, Bedini, B&K and other fine manufacturers. Call us for more information.



Take advantage of our engineering abilities to enhance special equipment. We can design everything from chassis to circuit boards to building and testing. We feature outboard power supplies for MOSCODE, HAFLER and other fine amplifiers. We do custom cosmetic upgrades for Futterman OTL1's which consist of 1/2 thick faceplates, custom finishing of handles and knobs. Metal finishing is done by the same people who supply Madrigal (Mark Leninson), Krell, and Cello.



We buy and sell selected used equipment to restore or renovate. All used equipment is fully tested and repaired to meet or surpass original specifications and audible performance standards. We offer a guarrantee on most equipment.

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