About Kaye Audio, Inc.

    Welcome to Kaye Audio, Inc. I'm George Kaye.

    We are dedicated to being the best HIGH END service and modification center in the world specializing in vacuum tube audio equipment. We have serviced the finest audio equipment and in doing so have gathered information and created a design philosophy that can be applied to repairing and improving your treasured gear.

    My electronic training started at the age of 5 when I started lighting up vacuum tubes in my dad's HAM (amateur radio) shack. I discovered I have a knack for designing and engineering so I attended Renselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    I also became a musician. I am a Jazz bassist (with a Bachelors of Music from Manhattan School of Music) and worked and recorded with Houston Person & Etta Jones from 1996-2001. I have been fortunate to perform all over the world with the best jazz players around. I get to tune my ears all the time.

    I also built and own with my recording studio partner, Jimmy Madison (one of the all time great jazz drummers in the world), a 16 track recording studio called Garden Productions in Manhattan. We are blessed to record some of the biggest name in jazz.


Performing with Houston Person & Etta Jones


Science Fair winner! The Tesla coil on the right produced 250KV. Sparks were a foot long and it would light up flourescent bulbs 5 feet away.


Mixing a project at Garden Productions in NYC.

     Over the years I've freelanced in music and electronics. I joined New York Audio Labs In 1983, worked extensively with the Julius Futterman OTL amplifier and soon developed the Moscode™ Hybrid line of electronics. I left NYAL and started Sound Services which became Classic Audio, Ltd. and is now Kaye Audio, Inc.
    Our corporate clients include:

    Why am I telling you this? Is it more than you want to know? Maybe, but I feel you should know something about the person with whom you do business.

    We have all seen audio companies come and go and I think growing through 14+ years says something for our perseverence and the satisfaction of our customers. We have grown because we are deeply committed to quality work and real value. Our upgrades are well worth your investment in time and money because they yield results that would cost many times the investment in new or used gear.

    We have taken the liberty of printing comments from some of our customer that have written us. Many others have called to express their satisfaction on the phone. To them we say thank you.

    I invite you to try our services. I think you will be very satisfied with the results.

Thank you,

George Kaye